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EVERYONE deserves true relief and to be able to live life without being in a constant state of fear and anxiety…however, taking that first step to reach out for help can be very scary! Take a look around my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please don’t wait any longer to get help. You deserve to start living again today!

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Amie Hope Thomas M.S., LPC, EMDR


“Ever since I can remember my life has been encased with abandonment, neglect, lack of true love and every form of abuse that exists. I have struggled with every emotional struggle known to humans and professionals. I have hated myself and most people. I have a been a doormat my whole life to everyone around me. It took me deciding to value me because no one else would. This lead to seeing a psychiatrist. This lead to me finding an EMDR Therapist. This is amazing stuff and wow does it ever work! For me in a few short sessions I have overcome and outgrown those who chose to abuse me. It is enlightening and empowering. If you want to feel better about yourself, think better and be happy do this. Do EMDR. You won’t regret it. The healing process will vary by person and issues but this is so worth it!”

Client Testimonials

“EMDR can be extremely exhausting- temporarily, but having those traumatic events suppressed and coming out and surprising you like a jack-in-the box ever so often when you have a trigger throughout your life is much worse.
I was very timid about exploring EMDR. I did not want to “relive” my traumatic events.
Reliving IS NOT the correct verbiage. You truly are reprocessing and putting it in a healthier place, and even putting the younger you in a safer place.
It’s wonderful. I’ve never felt better in my life. More relaxed, more excited about life, more free, and I’m laughing way more than I ever have before.
You don’t relive the events. You just have to trust your brain to let you heal. AND AMIE IS VERY TRUSTWORTHY, TOO!”


Client Testimonials