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-Amie Hope Thomas M.S., LPC Intern, Fully Trained EMDR Therapist at The LifeVesting Group (Supervised By Michael Hardin) 


“EMDR can be extremely exhausting- temporarily, but having those traumatic events suppressed and coming out and surprising you like a jack-in-the box ever so often when you have a trigger throughout your life is much worse.
I was very timid about exploring EMDR. I did not want to “relive” my traumatic events.
Reliving IS NOT the correct verbiage. You truly are reprocessing and putting it in a healthier place, and even putting the younger you in a safer place.
It’s wonderful. I’ve never felt better in my life. More relaxed, more excited about life, more free, and I’m laughing way more than I ever have before.
You don’t relive the events. You just have to trust your brain to let you heal. AND AMIE IS VERY TRUSTWORTHY, TOO!”


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