Perspective and Awareness


When I was a little girl I loved going into Hastings (the bookstore that sadly no longer exists) because I knew they had a coffee shop. I would go over to the coffee sampling area, pour me some coffee in a little cup (With LOTS of cream and around 15 sugar packets) and sit down in one of their comfy chairs with a magazine. Keep in mind…I was probably 7 years old doing all of this. I wanted to “look cool” ….just like the college students that were doing their homework, listening to music, and reading big textbooks. I wanted to be just. like. them. They seemed so happy…so cool…stress free…just enjoying life.

Fast forward 11 years. I was 18 years old heading to college…so excited to move into the dorm and have a roommate. I don’t have any siblings, so during that time I was really looking forward to sharing a room with someone. (Being an only child is freaking lonely)

I moved into the dorm and absolutely loved my roommate. We had so much fun during freshman year of college! We danced, laughed…AND  I got the top bunk of our bunk beds and that was SO exciting because as a little girl I had bunk beds, but I didn’t have anyone to share them with.

I started going to coffee shops to do homework. I would always feel so stressed in coffee shops because I would associate them with “getting homework done” “studying for my next test” “studying for the exam that determined if I graduated with a Master’s degree” “studying for the exam that determined if I would be a counselor or not” Coffee shops didn’t make me feel happy, or cool, or stress free…coffee shops made me freaking anxious!

Today is different though. Today, for the first time in around 7 years…I don’t have homework or anything to study…I’m just sitting here at a coffee shop just enjoying a bagel with cream cheese and a chai latte. I don’t have headphones in and I’m just listening to all of the noise. People are talking, music is playing, coffee is brewing, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’m that little girl again…just observing  everything and loving being in a coffee shop. I don’t have a magazine to try to look “cool” (Do people even still read magazines?) and I don’t have coffee with lots of cream and sugar in it. I am drinking an amazing chai latte because coffee is disgusting.

I’m just enjoying being 25, graduated, and GREATLY enjoying not having any homework or study material.

Be Fervently Driven

-Amie Hope

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