All Food Is Good Food

One of my favorite podcasts is: “Love Food” with Julie Duffy Dillon, RD. One episode that I really love is: “A Concerned Dietitian’s Letter to Food.” At the end of the episode there is a reply from food:Dear Concerned Dietitian,

Your letter is so timely. All of us…vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs, sugars, fats…we all got together recently and talked about the good old days. The days when we were all part of a normal person’s life and we were all together. Now we have a tough time with keeping up with whose in the good category and who is bad…sometimes one of us is both. We are tired of the dieting industry confusing all of us and keeping people from enjoying us. 



When you get a chance go check out The Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN

There are 10 basic principles outlined in the Intuitive Eating workbook. They include accepting your body and honoring your feelings of hunger and fullness. After you read those principles you will understand the nature of Intuitive eating and what it actually is. 🙂

We were born intuitive eaters. Our body is so smart because it knows exactly what it needs. However, society tells us that we need to “be on a diet” “cut out the (fill in the blank) food group to be the best you” “cut out carbs because carbs are bad” “make sure to limit calories because they are little demons” “make sure not to eat any sugar at all because sugar is of the devil” etc. you get the point…

*No food should be off limits

*No hunger cue should be denied

*All food is good food: no food is inherently bad

What does your relationship with food look like?

Take some time to look at the images below.

Pretend you are telling these things to yourself as a little girl/little boy.


-8 Keys To Recovery From An Eating Disorder By: Carolyn Costin 


-8 Keys To Recovery From An Eating Disorder By: Carolyn Costin 


-8 Keys To Recovery From An Eating Disorder By: Carolyn Costin 

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Be Fervently Driven-Amie Hope

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