Inspiration and Hope

Do It Afraid

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”   –Christopher Columbus

I saw the ocean for the first time when I was in the 2nd grade. I remember standing on the beach and looking at the water. To be honest, the ocean scared me…it scared me a WHOLE lot. There were a whole lot of seashells about 30 feet from the shore, and they were so pretty. My mom had a bucket and would go and get seashells when the water would go back a little ways. Every single time she would go get more seashells, I would freak out and start crying. I was so afraid the ocean was going to take her away. My mom kept trying to convince me to go pick up seashells with her, but I wouldn’t budge. My little sandals were firmly grounded in the sand. However, after awhile, I got tired of just standing there…I wanted to do what my mom was doing…so I started walking. Before I knew it I was about 30 feet from the shore! I hurried and picked up some seashells and ran back to shore. I was still very scared, but man I had fun! I chose to go pick up seashells even though I was still afraid. 

I didn’t learn how to swim until I was in the 6th grade because up until that point I refused to jump into the water. I remember my swim instructor was very nice and SO patient with me not wanting to jump into the water…she did everything she could to encourage me, and promised to catch me and not let me drown (this was like 4 feet of water…I knew I would be able to stand up), but I wouldn’t budge. I made sure my feet were firmly grounded on the hot concrete. About a year later I went on vacation with my parents. There was a very nice pool at the hotel where we were staying. I remember floating around with different flotation devices (in water that I could easily stand up in). After awhile, I got tired of just floating around so I got out of the water and stood by the edge of the pool (I stood by the edge of the pool until it became dark outside). After about 30 more minutes had passed, my parents told me that we were about to have to leave. It was in that moment that I jumped into the pool. After I jumped in I immediately got back out and jumped in again. It was so much fun! I was very scared the first time that I jumped in, but I still chose to do it…even though I was still afraid. 

**These are just two examples from my life. I could write a whole book of stories of when I did or didn’t do something because of fear. : )

What are you choosing or not choosing to do in your life right now because you are still afraid?


Be Fervently Driven

-Amie Hope

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