3 Things To Do When Healing From An Eating Disorder

When it comes to eating disorders, healing looks different for everyone. It is so important to have a treatment team of people that specializes in eating disorders. Here are some things to look for in that treatment team:

Here are 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to help combat your eating disorder. Ed (eating disorder) will probably tell you that you do not have permission to do any of these things…but we are still going to do them anyways.  ; )

  1. Throw away your scale – Weight does NOT define health/ “Healthy” is not a weight/number.
  2. Cut out tags in your clothes – We find clothes that fit our body, NOT change our body to fit into clothes.
  3. Buy some sticky notes – To put in your refrigerator and cupboard. For instance, if Ed tells you carbs are of the devil, you might write: I’m going to eat my favorite pizza this week because carbs help my brain function properly. Carbs are not the enemy!

You deserve freedom from Ed! I’m rooting for you to have relief.

Be Fervently Driven

-Amie Hope

Disclaimer: My website is for inspirational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for therapy or medical care.☀️

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