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The Importance Of Meditation and Mindfulness

What would our lives look like if we were truly in the present moment when visiting with our friends. What would our lives look like if we were intentional about how we spent our time? There are apps that tell us how much time we spend on social media, but what would it be like if there was an actual app that monitored how much we drift away from the present moment on a daily basis? Would we live differently? Would we change? Continue reading “The Importance Of Meditation and Mindfulness”

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What Does Intuitive Eating Even Mean??

Accept your genetic blueprint. Just as a person with a shoe size of eight would not expect to realistically squeeze into a size six, it is equally as futile (and uncomfortable) to have the same expectation with body size. But mostly, respect your body, so you can feel better about who you are. It’s hard to reject the diet mentality if you are unrealistic and overly critical about your body shape.

-The Intuitive Eating Workbook (Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food) Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN Elyse Resch, MS, RDN

Continue reading “What Does Intuitive Eating Even Mean??”

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Where’s the burger?

I can relate to that dog…

A year ago today I was convinced that my life was going nowhere. I did not understand why certain things had happened, and I fell into a deep depression…one of the deepest ones that I had ever experienced. Life seemed to be giving me tomatoes and pickles. I just wanted a burger! Continue reading “Where’s the burger?”