Where’s the burger?

I can relate to that dog... A year ago today I was convinced that my life was going nowhere. I did not understand why certain things had happened. Life seemed to be giving me tomatoes and pickles. I just wanted a burger! A year ago today I got a job at a local grocery store. … Continue reading Where’s the burger?

Moving Forward

It doesn't matter how ridiculous you think you look while moving...it doesn't matter how slow you might think you are going as you are moving...and it doesn't matter how weak you think you are because it's not about being strong it's about choosing to be brave. Bravery is powerful! KEEP MOVING FOWARD! DON'T STOP! Find … Continue reading Moving Forward

The Quest for Control

I asked the photograhper if I could keep the dress...He said no...SO I decided not to smile and ruin the picture. I was 5 years old. The photographer thought it was funny, my parents thought it was funny....me? I was pissed and wanted to scream. I still remember taking that picture and how unbelievibly tight … Continue reading The Quest for Control

The Day I Figured Out Why

In June 2014 I worked as a direct care staff at a childcare agency. That's when I figured out why... To be there for kids that have been through unspeakable things. Late one night when I was in a cottage, a teenage girl was curled up in the bottom of a big book shelf and … Continue reading The Day I Figured Out Why

Strawberry Wine

I remember the first time I sang in front of people. I was thirteen years old auditioning for the Colgate Country Showdown. The first song I sang was "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter, and the second song I sang was "He Gets That From Me" by Reba McEntire. I remember when the audio guy handed … Continue reading Strawberry Wine