Food/Body Peace Therapy

One of the main things that I specialize in is helping people gain food freedom and body peace. I come across many clients who don’t realize that they are trapped in a vicious disordered eating/thought process cycle that can easily lead into a full blown eating disorder.

Our twisted diet culture society seems to normalize disordered eating as if it’s a religion that we all need to convert to.

I have one particular book on display in my office: Body Kindness By: Rebecca Scritchfield. On page 48 of the book there is a little questionnaire titled: Am I in Food Jail? Why don’t you take a minute or so to answer these questions in your head…


Don’t worry, years ago I didn’t realize I was in food jail either. Know you aren’t alone in this.

Click below for some awesome resources:

Food Freedom/Body Peace Resources

Healthy is not a black and white thing. The grey area is where the authenticity is at. It is where the rigidity ends and food freedom begins!

-Amie Hope