EMDR Therapy

I am a Fully Trained EMDR therapist which means I completed a 50 hour EMDR Therapist Training Course (20 hours of didactic, 20 hours of practicum & 10 hours of consultation). 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an evidence-based psychotherapy approach intended to treat psychological disorders, to alleviate human suffering, and to assist individuals to fulfill their potential for development. EMDR alleviates presenting symptoms, decreases distress from past events, creates improved view of self, relieves bodily disturbance, and resolves present and future anticipated triggers.

EMDR is used in the treatment of: PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Grief, Depression, Addictions, Anger, Eating Disorders, Body Image Problems, Pain, Phobias, OCD, Sleep Problems, Low Self-Esteem etc.

EMDR is a simple but efficient therapy using bilateral stimulation (BLS) ─ tapping, auditory tones, or eye movements ─ to accelerate the brain’s capacity to process and heal a troubling memory. BLS, which occurs naturally during dream (REM) sleep, causes the two brain parts to work together to reintegrate the memory. Some clients experience relief or positive effects in just a few sessions. EMDR is effective in alleviating trauma-related symptoms, whether the traumatic event occurred many years ago or yesterday. It gives desired results –with little talking, without using drugs, and requires no “homework” between sessions.

This is usually how I explain EMDR to clients: 

Often, when something traumatic happens (anything that overwhelms our bodies ability to cope) it seems to get locked in the nervous system with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and so on.
Since the experience is locked in, it continues to be triggered whenever a lot of negative emotions come up, such as fear and helplessness that we cannot seem to control. These are really the emotions connected with the old experience.
EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to help us process through the unconscious material.

I always tell my clients that EMDR can be very hard and exhausting, but that it truly can help the “knows” of their lives become a “feel.”

We can “know” all day long that we are worthy of being loved…

When we truly feel that we are worthy of being loved…well…

That Changes Everything. 

Check Out This Video:

Healing Trauma with EMDR